See the Change Ep. 6 – Carrington Christmas Part 2

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May 29, 2023

Welcome back for Episode 6 of See The Change Podcast. This is Part 2 of our conversation with Carrington Christmas.

Carrington is a Black-Scotian-Mi’kmaw and German Two-Spirit person living in Dish with One Spoon Territory. She is an aunty, storyteller, traditional singer, public speaker and passionate about empowering Indigenous youth and Indigenizing learning spaces. She believes that laughter is medicine and relationships built on reciprocity and mutual respect will lead to radical change.

In this episode we talk about the Nova Scotia lobster fishing issues happening back in November, reframing intergenerational trauma, and her outlook on the future for Indigenous learning.

Carrington on social media


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Written, edited and produced by Tanya Ayala
Music by Charles the Emperor:

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